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About Us

As an Instructional Design and Training Consultant for over 18 years, I have trained and coached people at all levels in a wide range of organizational settings including manufacturing, financial services, retail, direct marketing, education, social services, government, youth ministry, business-2-business sales, medical centers, training companies, consutants, and other coaches.

My background includes 6 years of teaching management, organizational behavior, organizational leadership, marketing, Internet marketing, and career planning at 2 Michigan colleges - primarily to adult students.

I am co-founder of the Empowerment Coaching Network, co-author of Coaching Based Ministry, and I have developed all of ECN's coach training programs, 3 of which are offered online.

I have a BS in Business Administration and a Masters in Management.  I am also a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, a Certified Tele-Class Leader, and a Certified Christian Life Coach through the Christian Coaches Network International.

Mike McGervey

Author of the Your Place to Learn Bite-Size Courses